Maths Interventions and Consultancy

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Delivery of Every Child Counts (Numbers Count) - early intervention programme for Mathematics.

BwD Schools and Education, in partnership with our education consultant, is offering maths training and consultancy to schools.

The offer available consists of an Every Child Counts ‘Numbers Count’ SLA for continuing teachers and training for teaching assistant intervention programmes, Maths related training sessions for staff, and consultancy and support for schools wishing to develop their Maths and Numeracy approaches in their own setting.

Please see below for further information:

Every Child Counts Numbers Count for continuing teachers
- This is a programme of Mathematics improvement for schools, based on intervention support for low-attaining children.
- An accredited Numbers Count teacher will receive CPD and resources through our professional ECC accredited consultant in order to be fully equipped and skilled to provide support to children with the greatest difficulties in Mathematics in years 1 to 6, as well as working to raise the standard of Mathematics teaching and learning for all children throughout the primary age range.

1st Class@Number
- 1st Class@Number 1 for children who need further support at the level of the Year 1 curriculum.
- 1st Class@Number 2 for children who need further support at the level of the Year 2 curriculum.
- Both programmes involve our ECC Consultant providing training to a teaching assistant in order for them to deliver sessions to small groups of children or individually with the aim of increasing confidence and interest in Maths and raising achievement.

- Success@Arithmetic: Number Sense for pupils in Years 3 to 5 who need support to understand the number system and develop fluency with number facts.
- Success@Arithmetic: Calculation for pupils in Year 5 to 8 who need support to understand and develop fluency with formal written methods.
- Both programmes involve our ECC consultant providing training to a lead teacher and a teaching assistant together. The teaching assistant will start working with small groups of pupils straight after the first training day, so the training runs alongside the implementation of the teaching programme.

- This is for pupils mainly in Years 3 and 4 who need support and encouragement to use and understand Mathematic language or to talk fluently about their Mathematics. It is also suitable for pupils in Year 3 or above who are in the later stages of learning English as an additional language.
- Our ECC consultant will equip a teacher or teaching assistant to deliver small group sessions, starting after their first training day.

Bespoke and pay as you go consultancy
-Support as you need it – maths inset days, help with curriculum development, bespoke staff training.

Primary Mathematics Subject Leader Network Programme
-A termly session for mathematics subject leaders to keep up to date with current initiatives in mathematics, share good practice, and network with colleagues from local schools.



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